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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Anatomical's Review

Over a month ago the lovely people over at Anatomical's sent me some lovely product's that i have been testing out.

This post would off been up sooner but i had a reaction to a new foundation so stopped testing anything until my face calmed down.

Every product Anatomical's Produce and sell are cruelty free which is amazing. They also have very funky names for their products which i love.

One or two of these mask's will stain your brush i'm not bothered about that but thought i should mention it just in case anyone doesn't like there brushes to stain.

I also apologise for the faces i pull when taking the pictures apparently i cannot take a normal picture lol !!

Oi! you throbhead - Headache relief balm

If you have never tried this stuff then you need to its amazing !!
I had a really bad headache and nothing was touching it i tried paracetamol , cold compress , sitting in a dark room nothing was touching it until in remembered i had been sent this it honestly is a god send and i don't use that lightly. The tin was easy to open and the product was easy to apply i just rubbed my finger around the product to warm it up and then applied it to my temples and forehead a little goes a long way so this will last you ages and almost immediately i felt a cooling sensation which came from the menthol in the balm which i loved as finally something was making my headache subside i mean don't get me wrong i still had my headache but not half as bad as it was and now i never leave home without this now and once i have used this one up i will be purchasing more.

High noon for the prune - Dry relief balm

I have very dry skin and eczema so i'm always on the look out for a product that will soothe my skin. Iv recently had really dry kneecaps (i know right!) every night iv been using this and my kneecaps have never felt softer.
I also use this on my hands i work in a supermarket on the checkouts and i tend to find my hands get dry during the day scanning peoples shopping i have hand cream in my bag but i always forget to use it as its out of site out of mind but while i'm using it on my kneecaps iv been massaging the leftover balm in to my hands and they feel so soft to me it has a slight lemon scent to it which i love !

Look youv'e got chocolate all over your face - Anti stress face mask 

As soon as i started applying the face mask it felt cooling which i love you can very easily get 2 applications out of one single use sachet which is amazing !! 
The smell is what i was drawn to first it really does smell like chocolate. 
The product is thick but very easy to spread all over your face (you can take it down your neck i just don't like doing that) I left the mask on for 10-15 mins as per the instructions. It was very easy to take off as well i either use a damp cloth or baby wipes (depending on how lazy i am) this time i used baby wipes and it only took two to take the mask off. My skin felt so soft after this mask and still smelt like chocolate which is a nice benefit. It was only when i was uploading the photos for this one that i realised that i had not taken a photo of me in the mask or i did and i cannot find it sorry !

No breakouts its Alcatraz for spots - purifying charcoal face mask 

The smell of this mask reminds me of something and i cannot put my finger on it which is a shame. I did think this mask would be pure black like other charcoal mask's iv tried so it surprised me when it came out like a slate grey this mask is super thick and very cooling i put more of the mask on the place's where i had breakouts. I will say its a good job i was home alone when i did this mask as it is kinda scary looking. It took about 10 mins for the mask to completely dry i think that's because i put quite a thick layer on some parts of my face. It took a little bit of scrubbing to get the mask of completely but i think that's due to the colour of the mask not the mask it'self after the mask was off my skin felt soft and the natural redness i have in my face had seemed to calm down as well which is always a bonus as i hate how red my face is.

Farewell the scarlet pimplehell - Deep cleansing mud mask 

If i could bottle the scent of this mask then i would the smell was amazing and it totally relaxed me. 
This one reminded me of the charcoal one as they were very similar in colour but as iv already mentioned this one smelt amazing. 
This one irritated my forehead which i'm super sad about and had to wipe off but the rest of my face was fine. The mask washed off easily and my face felt super soft. 

That's what i call well stung - Skin boosting honey face mask  

Before opening this one i thought it would actually be honey or honey like consistency but it surprised me when i opened it and it was yellow i fully became a minion while wearing this and it was fantastic (: my skin felt so soft after this mask. I will say you do get a slight yellow ting once you have removed this mask but i just used some cleansing water and that went away (:

Massive thanks to Anatomical's for sending me these amazing products to try don't for get to check them out on Instagram 

Becki x

Friday, 20 April 2018

The Disney Tag

I was researching tag's to answer as i love doing them its a easy way for people to find out a few things about me which i love (: and came across the Disney tag !! i love Disney so this tag is perfect (: I tag anyone who wants to join in leave yours down in the comments so i can read them (:

1 .Favourite Disney movie?

It's only question one and I'm already bending the rules slightly. I have many favourite Disney movies but my top 2 are The Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins i fell in love with the songs and was hooked.

2. Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

Iv only ever been to Disneyland but i love it (plus i don't do well in the heat lol)

3. Favourite Disney Character?

It has to be Poohbear i just love him. He doesn't care about his weight and wears a crop top id love to be that body confident

Image result for poohbear gif

Gif taken from google

4. The First Disney Movie You Remember Seeing In The Cinema?

Little Mermaid i must off been about 4 (it was re released or re shown as i wasn't born when it first came out) my Grandma took me and my cousin to see it i don't have many memories of when i was little but that one i remember.

5. What type of Disney item do you collect the most?

Tsum Tsums !! they are so cute (you can also see eeyore trying to sneak in to the picture)

6. Your Favourite Disney song?

I don't have just one so here goes in no particle order

* Lets go fly a kite - Mary Poppins

* Part of your world - Little Mermaid
* Your Welcome - Moana
* Just cant wait to be king - Lion King
* Hakuna Matata - Lion King
* When you wish upon a star - Pinocchio
* Be our guest - Beauty and the Beast
* The beautiful briny - Bedknobs and Broomsticks
*Just around the riverbend - Pocahantas
* Colours of the wind - Pocahantas
*stick to the status quo - High School Muiscal
*I'll make a man out of you - Mulan
*The Bare Necessities - Jungle Book
* Two worlds - Tarzan
* Heigh Ho - Snow White

7. Favourite ride or attraction at the parks?

I was only 5 when we went to Disneyland so unfortunately i cannot remember any of the rides apart from space mountain which i was to young and short to ride ):

8. What is your dream job at Disney?

If you had asked me when i was younger i would of said one of the princesses (Ariel or sleeping beauty) but now iv grown up i think it would be hard for me to stay in character. so i don't actually know

9. Who's the parks character you never want to miss meeting at the parks ?

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Poohbear

10. What is your most treasured Disney item ?

The photo i have off Me and Mickey Mouse every time i see it i smile 

11. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet ?

I know it's not possible now but i always wanted to meet Robin Williams i loved him so much growing up i loved most of his films and was heartbroken when he passed away he really was a very talented man.

12. Favourite Disney movie that's not a classic/famous?

Emperors new groove the film is so funny it should be a classic

13. If you could say anything to Walt Disney right now what would it be ?

Thank you for not giving up when times were rough your films made my childhood magical and still bring joy to my life today.

14. Your Favourite snack to get at the parks ?

No idea as went when i was 5 and now I'm lactose intolerant probably cant eat any of them ):

15. Your Favourite parade/show at the parks ?

Its neither a parade or a show its the breakfast with Disney characters i remember meeting so many of them while i ate it was amazing (:

16. Flounder , Sebastian or Scuttle?

Flounder he's so cute !!

17. Your Favourite Disney memory ?

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney

18. Do you have a favourite pair of Mickey ears ?

I had some Minnie ones but i don't know what happened to them ): i love the handmade ones people do on etsy as soon as i book a trip to Disney I'm ordering.

19. If you could what ''forgotton princess'' would you add to the official line up ?

Jane - Tarzan (another lesser known Disney movie)

20. Your favourite Disney princess dress/outfit?

Cinderella's blue dress i love it (:

21. Your Favourite Disney soundtrack ?

Even though its hard to narrow it down i would have to say Mary Poppins as its my most listened Disney album

22. Genie , Abu , Carpet , Lago , or Rajah ?

Genie without a doubt hes funny wouldn't be Aladdin without him !

23. Favourite restaurant at the parks ?

Cannot remember sorry !

24. How did you first discover the ''magic'' of Disney ?

Growing up i watched and still watch a lot of Disney films id like to think i was born with it (:

25. What attraction are you most likely to go to first when your at the parks?

Space Mountain !!

26. You're favourite ''iconic momment'' (E.G Ariel on the rock , Aladdin finding the lamp , Rafiki lifting Simba) ?

Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene it was so cute (: 

Image result for lady and the tramp spaghetti gif
Gif taken from google

27. What was the saddest moment for you in any Disney film ? 

The scene in toy story 2 when they play Jessie's song. 

28. Best Disney kiss ? 

Ariel and Eric <3 

29. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie which would you choose ? 

Mary Poppins you would never get bored with everything there is to do 

30. Favourite Disney musical sequence based on spectacle/animation?

Burt dancing with the penguins in Mary Poppins while singing it's a jolly holiday with Mary i love that scene it always makes me smile (:

Image result for little mermaid and mary poppins

Gif taken from google

31. Which Disney princess has the best sidekick ? 

Ariel does !! she has Flounder and Sebastian 

Image result for ariel flounder and sebastian gif
Gif taken from google

32. If you could have a party themed around any Disney movie which one would you pick ? 

That's tough as it would either have to be Mary Poppins or Little Mermaid not sure how id go about doing either but id love to have a Disney party much to my friends dismay LOL !!

33. Are you the only one obsessed with Disney in your family ? 

YES !! i mean my mum will watch Disney movies with me but that's it ): id love some Disney friends 

34. Lumiere , Mrs Potts , Cogsworth , Chip ? 

I can't choose between them that's mean 

35. What are your top 5 Disney blogs on Tumblr ? 

I have not used tumblr in years so i wouldn't know 

36. If you could choose the plot/adaptation for the next Disney movie what would it be ? 

I wouldn't mind what it was as long as Olly Murs Miranda Hart Jesse Spencer Taylor Kinney and Sarah Millican were in it (: 

37. Favourite hotel at the parks ? 

Davy Crockett ranch (I'm 98% sure this is the one we stayed at) 

38. Which Disney Movie do you turn to when your sad/upset?

Mary Poppins it never fails to cheer me up (: 

39. The Aladdin show or the Little Mermaid show ?

Never seen either but id go and see the Little Mermaid show seeing as its one of my favourite Disney movies 

40. Do you plan to/have you ever had your honeymoon at a Disney park ?

Id love to (: I'd also love to get married at Disney (not Disney world this girl does not do well in the heat) 

41. Favourite piece of Disney clothing/accessory to wear ? 

My Disney pj's from primark they are so comfy 

42. Post a Picture of yourself that's Disney related ? 

The only one i can find (new laptop) is the one iv posted 

43. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck ?? 

Mickey Mouse 

44. What Disney movies or worlds would you like to see in the next kingdom of hearts

I don't play it I'm more of a Mario girl 

45. Which Disney movie , even if it's not your favourite will always have a special place in your heart and for what reason ? 

i know iv mentioned it alot in this tag but Mary Poppins the film is amazing the songs are so catchy and the animation is perfect whats not to love. 

If you made it through all this then well done (: 5 gold stars to you i didn't realise when i started this how many questions there was whoops but i enjoyed answering them all (:

Becki x

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Life Update

Because iv not posted in so long everything i write doesn't look right. I think iv put to much pressure on myself to come back with a bang so to speak. But as I'm writing this I'm realising that this is a life update it doesn't have to be all fancy so here goes. 

What have i been up to since i last posted almost 2 months ago ??

I turned another year older on the 6th February. 

Also on the 6th of Feb I got a Syrian hamster called bear who's slowly coming around to being tamed she will take treats off me and let me stroke her but that's it at the moment she is still very young i think she was about 6-8 weeks when i got her from pets at home.I'm also making her a bigger cage which i think I'm going to do both a video and a post on. 
Image may contain: indoor and food

Since getting another hamster after Cloudy passed in 2015 iv found myself watching countless hamster videos on youtube i really like Erins Animals and HammyLux 

I caught the cold bug from someone at work and my voice decided to give up which is great when you work on a checkout in retail !! 

My laptop decided that it was going to give up and not load certain things up so that is the main reason why iv not posted as iv had no means to but my brand new laptop came this morning woo !! its the HP Stream 14inch in blue and I'm in love with it (:

Iv been getting to grips with my new schedule for work and trying to figure out self scan im ok with it i just can't put the receipt paper in !! no matter how many times I'm shown i still cannot get the hang off it which is annoying.

And today Milo (my cat) put her big brave boots on and actually came in to the living room while the dog was in there (my dog and cat do not get on so this was amazing) it only lasted a few minutes as i think Blake (the dog) was jealous of me stroking Milo and went to chase her !! (he didn't get her she ran upstairs and i got his collar) but I'm so proud of Milo (: 

So that's my life update completely boring but i wanted to explain where iv been and what iv been doing (: 

Becki x 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Music Faves - January

Monthly music faves are back (: i missed doing them last year as iv said before music is a big part of my life and it seems silly that i don't make it apart of my blog.

I have spent all of January listening to the greatest showman soundtrack although it was hard these are the 9 i have found myself listening to on repeat for at least a couple of hours a day. 

My favourite song of the whole album has to be this is me loved it from the first time i heard it and loved it more after watching This. Keela Settle made Hugh Jackson Cry while singing this watch the video and you will fall in love with the song as well. 

This was played at the end of Ncis last Friday and i fell in love with it thank you google for telling me who sang it. Its such a good song when your feeling down or feeling empowered. 

P!nk has been a favourite of mine for years i love her early stuff as its more my style (if you ready my other monthly music faves then you know I'm a big fan of punk pop) but this album and this song are my faves from p!nk and the video is amazing it has Channing Tatum in need i say more ladies ?? 

Hope you enjoyed reading what iv been listening to this month (: Have you got any recommendations for me to listen to ?? you never know they may make February's Music Faves 

Becki x

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017 (A Roundup)

Iv never done a roundup of my year before i normally just post my new year resolutions and that's it but iv been seeing quite a few people doing a roundup on snapchat and instagram and a few goodbye 2017 blogpost's so i thought id combine all that and write a blogpost. 
I'll apologise now i lead a very boring life so in this round up no holidays or weekends away lol


I haven't got a kind word to say about January what started of as food poisoning turned in to either a viral infection or the sickness and diarrhoea bug which then turned in to the hacking cough safe to say by the end of January i was fed up of being ill and *touch wood* i don't get ill this January. 


Image may contain: food
I turned another year older and had my annual birthday meal at Damon's with the family. Spent far to much money at meadowhall and basically celebrated my birthday for the whole month it was fantastic (: 


Saw me and kirsty going to see Olly murs and having the best night if you'd like to see the vlog then click Here it was also the first time i had put someone other then me or Milo or Blake in a vlog which was a big deal for me. 


Image may contain: 2 people, text

Sheffield united finally after 6 years in league one they finally moved up to the championship very happy about the result and they have played well this year and show no signs of moving back to league one (Sorry to all you none football fans for this post) this was also the month i had horrific toothache that i moaned about on twitter (Again sorry for that to lol)

Nothing worth noting for may according to my facebook lol


No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

This sexy album was released and it quickly became the only thing i played for about 3 months. I also third wheeled with kirsty and her boyfriend to see despicable me 3 which was a lot better then the trailer had lead me to believe. 



After months of waiting for sky to start showing season 5 it finally came back on in July (: 


Was good and bad i had way to many trips to Costa Taylor released look what you made me do I found alcohol free koppenburg which is amazing but i also didn't get the job at mothercare after the second interview which bummed me out for the rest of august. 


My cousin turned 30 and i went for my first ever carvery it was amazing i bought a candle that makes me hungry everytime i light it i saw a rainbow and matalan was the first shop to have their Christmas stuff online which made me very festive indeed (: 


I saw the best sunset that i think iv ever seen and yes that photo is unedited i bought another candle that didn't make me hungry when it was lit but didn't burn evenly so that made me annoyed lol. Ben and Jerry's finally brought the vegan ice cream to the uk and its amazing tastes exactly like normal ice cream and finally the new £10 came out and i didn't like them as they felt fake. (this is the content you came to read isn't it lol)


 i had a interview at a supermarket little did i know that 2 weeks later i would get the message to say i got the job which i love  (: 26th November saw me have my induction with others and the 29th saw me start my first shift oh and it was bonfire night (: 


Work was busy i was doing a lot of overtime. I started blogmas but failed this year due to many things it was Christmas which meant Christmas dinner (: 

This is my year round up hope you enjoyed reading it and i didn't bore you to much (: 

Happy New Year x

Becki x

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