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Thursday, 2 January 2020

Goodbye 2019 (A roundup)

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I did one of these in 2017 and was planning on doing a round up on my instagram but i like being able to come back and look at what i did in 2019. I don't lead a very exciting life so if your looking for adventures and such this isn't the round up for you lol.


Broke my converse that i use for work (never knew you could break a pair!) tried gin and tonic for the first time and fell in love with the drink  Chicago Fire came back to UK screens and that was basically it for January (does anyone actually do anything in January?)


I turned another year older and had my annual birthday meal at Damon's. Saw Rocky Horror for the first time which was AMAZING ! started watching Greys Anatomy and by the end of Feb i was almost at the end of season 2 ! and Jonas Brothers announced they were back ! pretty cool February in my opinion

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I posted my Reasons why men suck post and its been my popular post to date with 2288 views which blows my mind thank you to everyone who's read that


Mums birthday happened and i didn't know then but it would be the last ever time we would eat at Damon's ! Sheffield United were promoted to the premier league as well

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Big Bang Theory ended ! (still not happy that it was so predictable!) and James Corden told the whole of the UK that Gavin and Stacey was coming back for a Christmas special !


Nothing worth mentioning according to my facebook !


It was 2 years this year since Chester tragically lost his life. we had a heatwave which was awful and had a thunderstorm which was even more awful Orange is the new black came back for its last season which was not a good season for me (still cried at the end though)


got lost in ikea. My great gram turned 92 ! and we all went out for a meal. Football started again. Had another thunderstorm !

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Must of been a quite month as the only thing on my facebook was that i sliced my thumb
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We found out that Damon's was shutting ): which was such a shock. i watched my first Christmas film of the year which of course had to be the Grinch (: Then i found Bear (my hamster) in her forever sleep which was horrible.

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Tried the new marshmallow hot choc from Starbucks which is very yummy. I was in a buzzfeed article I'm number 15 in the article I'm a celeb came back but it wasn't as good as past years in my opinion. I celebrated 2 years at my job (: and i got another hamster ( i went in to pets at home for Blake and Milo and just saw this hamster and new i had to get her i didn't think i would get one so soon but when you know you know) 

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Posted way to many Christmas photos. my tweet to aldi became popular. Broke yet another pair of converse i honestly don't know what i do to them while I'm at work. watched the new Grinch movie made it 26 Min's in and gave up it was horrible and not a patch on the original. visited Starbucks more times then i care to admit. watched many Christmas movies. Saw my family to exchange Christmas presents. Christmas happened i was very spoilt. Gavin and Stacey came back and it was so good no spoilers but that ending OMG ! Posted my 10 year photo thing @beckismith93 on insta if you wanna see it , and just like that we are now in 2020 !

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Thank you so much for the support this year it really hasn't gone unnoticed 
Hope you all had a wonderful new year 

Becki x

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Just a little note .. (:

Hey Everyone (: 

So my blogmas failed didn't it i mean who didn't see that coming ! my only excuse for that is i work in retail and overtime is rife at Christmas and i need the money for driving lessons (i'd advise you all to stay off the roads as i cant drive in a straight line yet). 

i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or just a wonderful day if you dont celebrate it. If your waiting for my what i got for Christmas post then you'll be disappointed as i'm not doing one.

I'll have my 2019 Rewind/look back at 2019 (not quite sure what to call it yet) up on Saturday and one more post before 2020 

Thank you for your continued support over the years it's not gone noticed

See you on Saturday 

Becki x 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Blogmas day three - My Disney christmas collection

I only started collecting Disney ornaments about 3 years ago i tend to buy one every year as a tradition not all of them go on my tree as you will see as some of them are heavy and big and would break if left on a tree branch.

I have two of these castles as my mum bought me one as well they are light but big so they go on my makeup table for Christmas. They are very special to me as they don't make them anymore. 

This one lights up so obviously goes on the top of my tree. They don't do this one anymore either so i always take special care off it as it cannot be replaced.

 This one has to be my fave and its the only one i actually went in store to buy at full price i loved it that much ! (the others i bought in the sales) i love Toy Story but love the aliens more (: 

I could never get my hands on the Jack Skeleton ear decoration so this is a close second and looks lovely on the tree (: - still want the ears though !

The little mermaid is my fave Disney movie. I never liked any of the decorations Disney brought out until i saw the handbag and i snapped it up (: this one goes on my tree as well.

When i ordered this i didn't think it would be this big ! or heavy ! i haven't decided what i want to do with this one yet as it cant go on the tree as it would fall and break ! any suggestions welcome (:
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This one is a no go for the tree but i just love it apart from the fly the kite scene the holly jolly holiday scene is my fave and to have a ornament from the exact scene that is my fave is amazing (:

I know i took a photo of this one but can i find it anywhere on my pictures nope ! this one also goes on the tree and lights up (can you tell i like my light up ones) fun fact this film scared me so much as a child that i hadn't watched it since ! but i love mickey mouse so couldn't leave this one behind

Monday, 2 December 2019

Blogmas Day Two - Primark Christmas Gift Guide £10 and under

I love Primark for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers if you know me personally then you know that at least one gift from me has come from Primark. They have really good things for inexpensive prices whats not to love at Christmas. Heres a few things that i have picked up for friends and family and some other things i have found on the website that they didn't have in my local store all £10 and under.

Cosy Socks £1.80

I love getting cosy socks for Christmas they are so soft and warm and for £1.80 for two pairs is a bargain (:

Grinch Christmas Lights £3.00

I had to put something Grinch related in here these were all i could find in my local primark but i would be very happy to receive these even though i bought them myself and already have them up in my room (:    

Ladies PJ'S £6.00
PJ'S can be very expensive depending on where you buy them from and it's not something people tend to buy themselves so normally ask for them for birthdays and Christmas. These ones are lightweight perfect for now if you overheat or pop them away for the summer.

Ladies Slippers £5.00

Every year we ask my Grandma what she wants for Christmas and she always says slippers. We always buy her ones from primark as they last until she asks again. This year they have started doing them in boxes which makes them so much easier to wrap up (:

Horoscope Charm Neckalace -£2.00
Horoscope Charm Necklace

This is a nice gift for someone who loves their star sign and is really in to things like this and for two pound you could always see what else they do like this and make it up to £5 for a secret santa gift.

Friends makeup bag £4.00

Central Perk Make-Up Bag

I don't think i have met anyone who doesn't like friends ! i love this and it looks more expensive then £4.00

Short and sweet post as if i had posted everything i had my eye on this post would take you about a week to read !

becki x


Blogmas Day One - Christmas Tag

Would it actually be blogmas if i didn't put two posts up on the same day lol !
Welcome to my Blogmas 2019 ! i thought i would kick off with a good old fashioned tag (: Feel free to do this one as well

1. What's your favourite Christmas movie ?
The Grinch of course (: 
2. Whats your favourite Christmas colour ?
Either multi colour (is that cheating?) or green 
3.Do you like to stay in your pj's or dress up for Christmas ?
PJ'S all the way I'm all about the comfort Christmas day need the elasticated waist for momma smiths Christmas dinner !
4.If you could only buy one person a present this year , who would it be? 
My mum (: i would give her the world if i could 
5.Do you open presents Christmas eve or Christmas morning ?
We used to be able to open one present Christmas eve but as we've gotten older we open them all Christmas morning now (:
6.Have you ever built a gingerbread house ? 
Does a foam one count ?
7.What do you like to do on your Christmas break ?
I work in retail so i only get Christmas day off and boxing day if i book it off if not i have to work a day in lieu 
8.Any Christmas wishes ?
For everyone to be happy and healthy 
9.Favourite Christmas smell?
Apple Cinnamon 
10.Favourite Christmas meal or treat ?
Christmas dinner 
11.Which holiday do you celebrate?
The Christan one
12.What are you doing for the holidays this year ?
Work till Christmas eve then seeing the family Christmas eve then it's just me my mum and brother for Christmas day.
13.What's your favourite Christmas drink ?
I don't really have one (boring i know!)
14.Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Candy cane (: 
15.What's your favourite holiday/Christmas song?
Fairy-tale of new york or where are you Christmas 
16.Whats the weirdest gift you have ever received ?
A Disney princess bag full of marshmallows i was 14 still haven't quite worked out why i got that.
17.Have you ever built a snowman?
Me and my brother built a snow darlek if that counts when we were younger.
18.What is your winter fragrance ?
It seems to be Ibiza dreams by so? at the moment 
19.What is top of your Christmas list ?
I'd love a mobile photo printer but that's not essential just for me and my family to be happy and healthy.
20.What is most important to you about the holidays?
My family.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

June Music Faves

No your eyes are not deceiving you they are back (: did you miss them ? , I'm hoping you did as these are one of my fave post's to do (:

If your a new reader then hello (: i hope you like what you read and stick around (: The monthly music faves is my take on Monthly beauty faves as i tend to stick to the same beauty things all year round where as my music isnt the same from month to month. Iv also started creating monthly music playlists on Spotify this one is june's.

Katy Perry - Never Really Over

Katy is BACK !!! This song is so good !! it has been on repeat none stop and not going to lie i have been known to belt this out while in my room. ~Her vocals are amazing on this i cannot recommend it enough

All Time Low - Lost In Stereo

This is the song that got me in to ATL we were sat in my not my last ex the ex before's bedroom and he was playing this album and i fell in love with song and no it doesn't remind me of him which is amazing ! if im in any kind off mood i can just put this on and im instantly feeling better.

Two Year Break- DALTITE

I have to be honest i had never heard of these before until the other day and i went down a rabbit hole of facebook videos you know the one you click on the video you want to watch then just watch the others that come on one after another and this came on and it was about 2 in the morning and i found myself replaying this one song iv not listened to any of their other stuff yet but im hoping its as good as this song.

B.o.B - Airplanes

This is such a oldie but a goodie and tbh i had completely forgotten about this until i was on hold to carphone warehouse and this was playing and it made me fall in love with it over again took me right back to 2010 which was a good year (:

Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar

I have no shame that this song makes me dance around my bedroom with this on full blast (im sure my neighbours love me lol)

Lewis Capaldi - Hold Me While You Wait

I didn't think Someone you loved could be topped as that was beautiful but this came on the radio while i was washing up the other day i only heard a little bit off it but i had to find out who sung it i should of known who it was by the voice but i had a blonde moment but this song is just as beautiful.

Naomi Scott - Speechless

I have to be honest i wasn't fused about the remake to Aladdin as i feel like Jack Black should off been the genie i mean no one can EVER replace Robin Williams but i feel like JB would of been a better fit anyway getting off point lol , I love Naomi Scott's voice i have done since Lemonade Mouth and once i heard this song which is so beautiful it just made me want to see the film.

Scouting For Girls - Famous 

I feel like i should ring carphone warehouse more often as its bringing back some good tunes i have been a fan of Scouting for girls for years i saw them on tour back in 2010 and loved every min of it but as with bands you like sometimes you dont listen to them for a while but it doesn't mean you dont love them any less it means when you do go back to them you fall in love with them all over again and thats whats happened here (: 

Tinie Tempah - Written in the stars

Again thanks to Carphone warehouse for this little gem i am now obsessed with this song it just takes me back to 2010 hanging around with mates going to house parties (are they still a thing ?) oh the memories (:

5 Seconds of Summer - Easier 

Got to be honest i went off 5 Seconds of summer a few years ago and didn't know they were still around until the who do you love song by the chainsmokers (which i love) so i went down a rabbit hole of 5sos videos and found this one and boy have they grown up since iv stopped listening to them lol !

Avicii - Heaven 

No words needed such a beautiful song <3 

Taylor Swift - You need to calm down

Taylor and Katy have ended their beef and Taylor has released a amazing song and video Hannah Hart Ryan Renyolds Ellen degeneress and Ru Paul just to name a few who are in it need i say more !

Becki x

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Rosacea awareness

So this was meant to go up in april but as per usual it didn't go up when planned but its a post a still want people to read so im putting it up now.

I didn't know this was a thing until i stumbled across Lex's Instagram page it really did open my eyes to just how many people have rosacea including myself as until a few years ago i didn't know why my face was constantly red and worse when i have a flare up .

This maybe the post im scared to post and it sounds so silly but i hate my face without a foundation on and showing pictures of my basically naked face scares me a little as very few have seen it.

I always know when im getting a flare up as my skin gets very dry and itchy.

What is Rosacea ?

It's a skin condition that creates irregular facial flushing, which can lead to over time persistent facial redness , visible blood vessels , paubles and pustles and thicken of the skin. You can also get irritated and dry eyes.

What causes Rosacea ?

The exact cause is unknown but it is believed to be more common with people who have pink toned skin or fair skin. It is more common in family's although its not clear which genes if any how they are passed on but my mum dad and brother are fine and have 'normal skin'

what does my Rosacea look like ?

I have a red patch on my forehead and chin and a butterfly affect across my nose and cheeks. (you'll get what i mean when you see the pictures at the bottom of this post.

How did i find out i had Rosacea ?

When i was about 20 ish i went to the drs as i was fed up with how red my skin was no matter what i tried the redness never went away and it was making me depressed it doesn't help that i was/still am slightly over weight and when my face went red i would think that everyone who looked at me would think i was really unfit when in reality im not the fittest but could run away if someone was chasing me. Getting off track but would it be a becki blog post if i didnt lol. After talking to my dr he told me i had Rosacea he gave me a prescription for Rozex cream and gave me links to pages i might find helpful. There is no test for it your dr will look at your skin and decide there and then if you do or dont.

Skincare for Rosacea

Im going to be honest i still dont have this down as i can have a great skincare for months then something will irritate my face and i will have to switch stuff out but at the moment i am using the simply pure range and the naturally radiant range from superdrug and they dont irritate me. I dont use anything specifically for Rosacea as i used the two tubes of Rozex he gave me and they didn't seem to do anything.

Covering Redness with makeup

Green concealer is my best friend when doing a full face of makeup think Elphaba from wicked my favorite at the moment is Revolution Conceal & Correct Green it blends out flawlessly and doesn't leave a grey cast on your face like many others i have tried.

Full coverage foundation - i have tried so many foundations and my favorites at the moment are the seventeen stay foundation unfortunately it has been discounted but i bought a stock of them from boots months ago and the other one i really like is the Revlon Color Stay Foundation

I also use a beauty blender as i find it doesn't drag the skin like a brush does.

I will say with these photos im not smiling because i genuinely dont like my face naked so all the photos look like i have resting bitch face lol.

Becki x

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